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How to start a Steak Club

Mayfair / St. Clair Steak Club Steak and Bros. Alpharetta Johns Creek Georgia 30022

Social Clubs are fun and easy way to keep up with friends and build community around a common interest.

But, there's a lot of competition for people's time.

How would you convince a group of friends to reserve a night once a quarter to talk steak, eat steak, and network with like minded steak loving people?

Do it with custom merch!

Here's how Steak and Bros. did it.

You'll need:

  • content - entertain and educate the members
  • referrals - friends bring friends
  • money - beef is $$$
  • a volunteer leader
  • a sourcing person - someone has to go shopping
  • a grilling site
  • tables and chairs
  • byok (knife)
  • byob (beer)
  • preferably a fire pit
  • Members

I recently joined a steak club that's been around for a couple of years. They meet once per quarter and rotate member's homes as the host.

Here's how it works: Our sourcing person selects a fine cut of beef, we each venmo $20, the beef is presented at our meeting place, we grill, we drink beer, and we hangout. It's just awesome.

For awhile though they did not meet - see fancy chart 1.1



Five Whys Root Cause Analysis for Steak and Bros Social Club Johns Creek Georgia

Again, there's a lot of competition for people's time!

One proven way to combat this is by branding your club and making custom merch.

First, give your club a name

  • our club is called "Steak and Bros."

Second, get a free quote from me with your logo on some custom merch

Finally, hand out your new custom merch and and become the hero of your club!

Here is the merch we did for Steak and Bros.:


Steak and Bros. Johns Creek Georgia


Steak and Bros. Johns Creek Georgia Mayfair / St. Clair subdivision

Don't want to hassle with collecting sizes, quantities, and payments from your members?

We got you.

We can make you a free custom webstore just for your club - let us handle the orders, payments, fulfillment, and shipping. It's FREE! We can even brand your packing slips with your logo that go with Member's orders.

Check out our club webstore as an example: Steak and Bros.Club

 Get in touch with me for a free quote on custom merch for your social club.


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