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How we made our brand identity, logo, colors, and tagline

Odom Design company logo

Bottom line: we contacted Ben Howes with Howes Design Service.

Before we started calling around, we summarized what we liked and what we didn't like. We wrote down colors we liked and what we didn't like. We wrote down our vision and mission for the busines, and why we wanted it to exist and what problem we were going to solve (improve local business' marketing).

The experience and other set of eyes someone brings to your brand building is so important. Joanna had been following Howes Design Service for awhile and, after calling around 2 other designers, called Ben to interview him. We knew when we hung up that we found our designer.

A couple days after our initial phone call with Ben (for about an hour) Ben sent us five concepts (and variations on them) that he worked up for ODC. He wouldn't  say which one was his favorite(s) because he was curious to see which direction resonated.

He remarked up front how much he liked the color palette we provided him with. It  sophisticates the designs more so than using a primary palette would.

He tried a variety of different things incorporating all of the symbols and ideas that inspire us.

Ben remarked, "After looking at the work you do and the connections you have in your community, I think "Deep Roots, New Growth" is a great tagline for your business."

What's cool is that the tagline is also illustrated in the icon, with the roots and leaves and branches shown. ODC draws from the history of the businesses in our community (the roots) and creates new creative life on any branch of business.

It's a compelling positioning statement that builds off the reputation we already have and is easy to pitch to new clients as well.

Here's the icon:

Odom Design Company Icon

Our ODC LOGO variants: (WE LOVE!)

ODC Logo with Tree in the O

Odom Design Company logo on custom 3 x 3 patches

Odom Design company tree icon logo on a custom 2 tone cap


See more on Howes Instagram

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